-empyre- september 2019

Moderated by Stadtwerkstatt / Tanja Brandmayr, Shu Lea Cheang, Franz Xaver

In conjunction with STAY UNFINISHED, the 5th edition of Stadtwerkstatt‘s 48 hour showcase extravanganza held in association with Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, the three curators for STWST48x5 - Tanja Brandmayr, Shu Lea Cheang, Franz Xaver, proposes a one month (September 2019) long discussion forum on -empyre- list.

For the 48 hour programmation in Linz (18:00 september 6 to 18:00 September 8, 2019), STWST48x5 brings together critical producers, artists, activists, networkers, archivists, , visionists +++ to negotiate permanently unfinished conditions in cross-disciplinary, inter-cultural, mixed genre art (or not so art) practices. Situated itself in New Art Contexts, STWST has been fed with ingredients grown through an ideal-typical milieu of heterogeneity of art, media, technology, culture and the social. We believe that there are likewise cultural/art/experimental spaces and individuals across borders and oceans, who are either long time existing or starting young, who share the same pursuits as STWST collective.

During this month long presence on empyre – online platform, we want to hear from the list’s members and extend the invitations to not-yet-subscribers to share their unfinished projects, unfinished business, unfinished code, unfinished network, unfinished lab, unfinished body, unfinished archive, unfinished access, unfinished porn, unfinished utopia, unfinished dream. We want to collectively nurture with your active participation a multi-thread living forum that recounts these related, non related subjects, reviews and previews of projects, strategies and tactics to stay unfinished, stay alive and kicking. Tears, laughters, anger, frustration expressed in public (text publishing) are encouraged as we remain unfinished……………….

Dokumentation - Documentation of the whole Discussion: EMPYRE ARCHIVE SEPT 2019