Claudia Reiche / Helene von Oldenburg
Conceptual Installation
Various spaces / tba

CIVIL WILDERNESS does [not] define wilderness in terms of civilization. CIVIL WILDERNESS declares spaces/situations as ‚wild‘ - for the duration of the artistic research.This takes place under controlled conditions for every CIVIL WILDERNESS.
The following rules apply alternatively to these specified spaces: Do not enter here! Or: Do not change procedure here! Or: Do not obey any rules here! In other words: We’ve set 3 different and mutually exclusive conditions, that are valid for every CIVIL WILDERNESS.
For the 48 hours of celebrating STWST Linz three new spaces will be installed inside and outside the project’s premises, based on decisions where to exclude human beings, where to exclude any changes, and where to exclude prohibitions in general within the CIVIL WILDERNESS situation.
Within this conceptual framing, we hope to encourage the Freudian practice of 'gleichschwebende Aufmerksamkeit’ (’evenly suspended attention’) as a productive mode of reception and interaction – in regard of the general motto „Stay unfinished“. Besides: CIVIL WILDERNESS is a participatory project. We invite and encourage you: Claim your CIVIL WILDERNESS! See previous projects documented here:

Claudia Reiche, media theorist, artist. Has been teaching art, media philosophy, queer and gender theory at universities and art academies, lately in the function of a professor for theory and history of contemporary media, University of Oldenburg. Works with the thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor (Bremen), and Schwules Museum, Berlin. Doctoral thesis: Digitale Körper, geschlechtlicher Raum, Das medizinisch Imaginäre des “Visible Human Project”, Bielefeld 2011. Solo exhibition: Hijra Fantastik, 2018, Schwules Museum, Berlin. Recent film: WHICHSEXTHESUNTHEMOONANDYOU, De 2018. Pursuing since 2014 the conceptual and participatory project CIVIL WILDERNESS (with Helene von Oldenburg)

Helene von Oldenburg - Dr. agr. and Dipl. Fine Art, HfbK Hamburg; sicher verraten, 2010, board game on digital (in)securities (with Ellen Nonnenmacher); Human Impact, Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Finnland; MARS PATENT, since 1998, net art as imaginary alternative to space flight (with Claudia Reiche); founding member artecology_network e.V. 2010; Janssen Revisited, Horst Janssen Museum Oldenburg 2017; Me, Myself and Fürst – Selfies in the royal gallery, Schlossmuseum Jever 2018; Z_OH+500 (with Kathrin Langenohl) Versionen der Zukunft für Ostholstein, participatory art project 2019.,,

Image: © Claudia Reiche, Helene von Oldenburg