taro, eva grün, flo panhölzl

the fluorescent gibling edition 2018 is fed to bioluminescent fungi, thus reintroducing money to the cycle of organic life. fungi are the interface-organism between life and death*. actually they eat anything – even money. their hyphae grow through the money substrate and transform the paper compounds into their own living self. a part of the monetary energy is emitted as light: the enzyme luciferase makes fungi lightbringers.

Gibling luciferensis brings light into the world. light as a intra- and interspecific communication medium.

money transforming species:
Omphalotus nidiformis – ghost fungus
Omphalotus olearius – jack-o'-lantern mushroom
Panellus stipticus – bitter oyster
Homo sapiens – humans in the form of eva grün, taro and flo

*paul stamets / mycelium running: how mushrooms can help save the world / 2005

eva grün
painting, sculpture, stage design, animation, punk bands … since 2000. https://eva.einfach.org

taro knopp
observing, researching, working, experimenting, playing [with] the fringes of science, art, politics, life, realities…

flo panhölzl
currently biologist

Image: taro