Quimera Rosa

TALK RE:TALK [session 5]
Friday Night
3:30-5:00 (90min - TALK)

“If we had been as energetic in trying to communicate with the trees as we have devoted to oil extraction and processing, perhaps we would be able to illuminate a city through photosynthesis, or we could feel the vegetal sap running in our veins, but our Western civilization has specialized in capital and domination, in taxonomy and identification, not in cooperation or in mutation.”

Paul B. Preciado. Une Autre voix. Journal Libération. 2015. Trad Quimera Rosa.

Quimera Rosa will work with these tags and materials in session 5:

#molecular bio-hacking
#sex-gender and kingdom dissidence
#dissidence to the medical-legal protocols

Trans*Plant manifesto – first version – 2016 – fragments (*)

[…] The greatest problem with the dominant ecology is that it is based on the notion of 'nature', a notion created historically to separate humanity from the rest of the universe and establish a colonial relationship. The binomial culture / nature structures an almost infinite list of other binomials found in modern Western thought: man / woman, white / non-white, hetero / homo, science / witchcraft, adult / child, normal / abnormal … The second term of each binomial is associated with nature and is therefore subdued to the same regime of violence. Through heterotrophy carried out to its maximum, a necropolitics is constituted so that it literally 'consumes' everything on this planet.

[…] In order to be able to think about a non-anthropocentric ecology we need to move from identities based on essences to identities based on relationships. A human> plant transition process that includes an intravenous chlorophyll protocol which through fears, fantasies and judgments that it generates, opens the debate on the identity system. A self-experimentation process is not an individual’s process, it’s always a collective one. Obtaining a pure molecule of chlorophyll is as hard as getting testosterone from the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry or the legal and health system. All life is patented.

With Quimera Rosa will participate: Erik Noulette, Roger Rabbitch, Alice Moe, Corazón de robota

Quimera Rosa (ES / AR / FR) is a nomadic lab created in Barcelona in 2008 that researches and experiments on body, technoscience and identities. Aware of transfeminist and post-identitary discourses, they seek to experiment with hybrid and flexible identities able to blur the frontiers of the binomials of modern Western thought. Most of their work is done in a collaborative way, always free of proprietary codes.