Previous Layers
Sgraffito Alchemia
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Under the title Previous Layers, a visible reference to a special project in STWST history will be placed this year - the facade design Sgraffito Alchemia from 1983. The sgraffito of the old house facade is projected during STWST48x5 onto the facade of today's STWST building. This is a reference to STWST history and above all, a point of reference to a permanently changing use of the facade as an artistically designed surface. In the entrance area of the house, work was also done into the walls: With this years's claim STAY UNFINISHED chiseled into the wall, some layers of the walls in the entrance area were archaeologically uncovered.

STWST HISTORY: Sgraffito Alchemia, 1983, Concept and Coordination: Georg Ritter, STWST 1983
Sgraffito Alchemia

STWST STAY UNFINISHED: Claim Stay Unfinished, 2019, Concept and Implementation: STWST 2019
STWST Claim 2019

Watch out: The video of the demolition of the old STWST house is shown.
STWST Archive (Sgraffito Alchemia → 1983, 1990)

Image: Sgraffito Alchemia, 1980, Foto: Rainer Zendron
Image: Stay Unfinished, Entrance, 2019, Foto: Tanja Brandmayr