Winnie Soon

TALK RE:TALK [session 2]
Friday Night
21:30-23:00 (90min - TALK)

In her session Winnie Soon works with the keywords: queer code, chance, speaking code, vocable code, chance/randomness.

The talk UNFINISHED CODE examines the generative, operative and dynamic properties, and queer potential, of code. Through queering code and discussing possible (non)binary logics, participants will queer their voices by performing dynamic sentences and statements to intervene a software program called “Vocable Code”, simulating mathematical chaos and creating dynamic audio literature that explores the performativity of code, subjectivity and language.

Winnie Soon (HK/DK) is an artist-researcher based in Denmark examining the cultural implications of technologies in which computational processes and infrastructure underwrite our experiences, which are ever more programmed. Her works explore themes/concepts around computational culture, specifically concerning internet censorship, automation, data circulation, real-time processing/liveness, infrastructure and the culture of code practice. Winnie’s projects have been exhibited and presented internationally at museums, festivals, universities and conferences across Europe, Asia and America. Her current research focuses on computational art practice and critical machine learning, working on two books titled “Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies” (with Geoff Cox) and “Fix My Code” (with Cornelia Sollfrank). She is Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. More info: http://www.siusoon.net

Image: Winnie Soon